Elucidate your Messy Twitter Campaigns

Twitter forms the key platform of customer interactions and knowing their opinions. Get the deepest down insights of tweets associated to your products/companies using our dashboard.


Track your influencers

Get contributions of prominent Influencers of your campaign and know the communities involved.

Real time analysis

Get real time analysis of any campaign and also trending topics list of any country/area.

Online Reputation Tracking

Knowing sentiment polarity is not enough. We offer the deep down analysis of positive and negative tweets as well as replies of prominent tweets.

Observe your campaign growth

Our cutting edge visualizations help you to analyse campaigns at various points, giving you the right insight about timing of influencers and their effects on campaign trajectory. A lot many visualizations and stats also give the overall gist of the campaign.

Visualize the Network

Our unique network diagram helps you visualize the spread of campaign in different sections of people, different geographical locations or hotspots of negative tweets.

About Us


Our Mission

Indian social media is multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual. We pledge to provide deep down analytics about the reach of marketing campaigns, listening to grievances of users from different sections and detecting the hate propagations and terror threats.

  • Social media analytics for good.
  • Social media analytics accessible to all.

Our Team

Our team consists of two VJTI alumni who were part of a research lab called CoE-CNDS in college and pursued extensive research in the field of social media analytics.


Aum Patil

Aum pursued Production Engineering in VJTI just to realize that he was more interested in finding patterns out of seemingly useless things (Data analysis), but then realized that machines could do it better so he started teaching machines the same (Machine learning). Since then he has been busy running from conferences to conferences to present AI/ML papers and attending rat races (competitions) just to learn more about probing dumps (data). He has worked on all types of dumps (text, image and numerical) and is now keen on finding shekels out of bigger dumps(social media data).


Aman Framewala

Aman scored 199/200 in a large rat race (CET) so I need not mention his branch and college (VJTI CS of course). But Aman has been a computer geek since childhood and hence was selected by Koreans (Samsung) to intern at their Banglore office. Even Aman started teaching machines to find patterns but gradually turned his attention to securing transactions (Blockchain technology). Just like Aum, Aman also authored papers on so-called cutting edges and ran in multiple rat races during college days but now he feels dumps could be used to earn money rather than certificates.

Blog Posts


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Amidst this lockdown due to COVID-19, there has been a surge in social media interactions across the internet. Among these platforms, Twitter, a platform where a large number of people share their…

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Campaigns Against A Wave

by TweetshodhMedium • Aug, 2020

In the last blog we analysed the campaign #7LacCroreKaKharcha, promoted by a company called EaseMyTrip. We demonstrated how analysis of campaigns can aid the companies determine the effectiveness of…

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